Roma (Italy) - Hotel dello sport

Room's bathroom at Hotel dello Sport in Roma (Italy)
The Hotel is located in the Sport Center "Giulio Onesti"

See the soaps used in Hotel dello Sport: Sapone di viaggio: Colori sportivi

Porto Santo - Madeira (Portugal) - Hotel Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa

Room's bathroom at Hotel Pestana Porto Santo Beach Resort & Spa in Porto Santo - Madeira (Portugal)
Two bathrooms (same room):  one (first) with shower and one (second) with bath

Barcelona (Spain) - La Pedrera

The Padrera (architect Gaudí) had to be an unusual building that has become a museum because it was difficult to find tenants willing to live in apartments with rooms strangely shaped and irregular walls. The bathrooms are designed by Gaudì over 100 years ago (early 20th century) already have the design and style of the modern bathrooms

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