It is not easy to take pictures of the baths.

If are public toilets you risk to attract attention even if you are taking the photo outside (example),  there is always someone coming in or out (example), you may be mistaken as a maniac (example), it is impossible to take pictures in the bathrooms of the opposite sex (example), if the toilets are in in Asia very often an attendant is inside to clean and help and sometime I think they live there (example).

In airplanes or trains the toilets are so small that take pictures is almost impossible (example).

In addiction, private and public bathrooms are full of mirrors and it's really difficult not to take a picture of ourselves (example). In these cases the image is covered by a black (or white) spot.

So, sometime, it's possible take a picture of the entrance only and even do this is not always easy (example).

Obviously it's easy take pictures of bathrooms or toilets that are art installations or exhibitions (example).

Problems or not Private baths and public toilettes is showing at the moment:
98 Private Bathrooms in Hotel,
4 Public Toilets on Airplane,
12 Public Toilets in Airport,
3 Public Toilets Art,  
2 Private Bathrooms Art
3 Public Toilets in Bar,
1 Public Toilets in Boat,
1 Public Toilets in Casino,
8 Public Toilets in Hotel,
6 Public Toilets Museum,
1 Public Toilets in Railway Station,
11 Public Toilets in Restaurant,
9 Public Toilets Street,
2 Public Toilets Theatre,
1 Signs (Private Bathrooms), 
3 Signs (Public Toilets),
1 Public Toilettes in Panoramic Bulidings,  
12 Public Toilette in Sports Centre,
2 Public Toilette in Night Club,  
1 Public Toilette in Ferry Terminal  
1 Public Toilette in Shopping Centre
1 Public Toilette in Religious Temples 
2 Public Toilette on train
2 Public Toilette in Covention Centre
and two extra categories:
1 Mistakes in Public Toilets
1 Mistakes in Private Bathroom 

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